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and read a contract and say wait, something is wrong. >> reporter: bart says they don't like how much it would cost the district. the provision would cost less than officials claim. >> claim. they are wondering what is next. >> they are losing faith. >> reporter: i checked with a representative. she tells me right now they are very disappointed in bart management and hoping this can be rectified. bart management will vote on the contract on thursday. scott rates, kron4news. >> reporter: a system is developing in the form of a few high clouds and evening. still the heart of this system is out over the pacific. it will take a while to get here. we will have clouds and trees with rain for tuesday and wednesday. rainfall amounts could be significant when this is all done especially for the north bay. temperatures bay side. look for low 40s and 30s into the north bay. we will have low clouds to start the day. really a fairly cloudy day. the clouds will thicken through the evening. i will tell you what you expect. >>> tomorrow there will be a test during the commute. ke8ykelly tells us it
is where many don't have a plate to eat or give. food banks are falling short on supplies. close to 800 turkeys. the food bank. >> reporter: these boxes were all full of turkeys. now they are empty. between monday and tuesday, 500 families lined up. >> phonationsknownations kept coming without a place. >> it is our hope that it is going to be really close. >> reporter: more need this holiday. >> the e essentials, food, water, come tomorrow the turkeys could not be enough. no family will be turned away. >> reporter: we have had overcast skies. this next system will push toward the bay area and keep them out of fries freezing rain. hayward is 51. 53 in daly city. more coming up in a bit. . >> how police say they got their suspected. >> some don't have to wait until after thanksgiving to get good deals. . >> police say officers have arrested this man who lured a female through the internet to have sex. a 25-year-old from walnut creek was going to meet in a parking lot a 14-year-old. he met police. he is in jail on a $105,000 bond. >>> it took 20 years, but a murder is solved. >>> i am da
wanted. don't try to take him on. his safety isn't worth the money. >> reporter: armed robberies in walnut creek are rare. the suspect is 5'9" wearing a dark sweat shirt, blue jeans, a baseball cap. >>> family members of the lax shooter tried to stop paul ciancia. they notified lapd. those officials visited the suspects home and missed him by 45 minutes. he opened fire at lax killing a tsa worker. witness accounts are emerging from that deadly day. >> we were up in security. we heard the gun shot. everybody in security hit the ground. a lot of folks were scrambling. there was a pause. i looked down the escalator and saw the gunmen. . >> ciancia was dropped off by a friend. that friend had no knowledge of his plan. he is an unemployed motorcycle mechanic now facing charges of murder and violating laws at an international airport. >>> a 4.5 magnitude earthquake was 6 miles deep. 165 miles off the coast near ferndale. >>> a man made threats on a jet blue flight. he was making concerning statements. the man's luggage determined everything was fine. no information on the sub. one pass
. >>> we just dons have the don't have the resources to pay for 6 weeks. >> bart back at the table but is the third time a charm? >> charm? >>> two men accused of killing an oakland 8-year-old face the judge. . >> the two men accused in a deadly shooting of an 8-year- old have pled not guilty. carol is his accomplice. they were out for revenge targeting an apartment where they thought they would find a man responsible for an earlier murder. the hearing is set for january. still to come the latest in the bart contract saga. could bart workers go back out on the picket line? >>> a cute kid and sleeping buddy. >>> inside edition tonight with debra norville. a woman lefting lifting weights while pregnant gave birth. . >> a storm is brewing at bart. bart board members are poised to vote down the contract thursday. kron4's dan kerman spoke with both sides. >> reporter: ending a second strike they thought the chaos was over for 4 years. now it may not be the case. >> i have to do what is responsible for the riders and that is rejecting this contract. >> reporter: he will vote against the
. >> he is a very good kid. i don't know. >> reporter: despite the family's protest. he is charged with a hate crime, aggravated mayhem resulting in great bodily injury. the family has been given extra time to hire an attorney. alameda county court. >>> the amber alert out of sunnyvale with the 2 week old baby ended. the child was reunited with the mother. do we know when she will be home? >> reporter: the mother could show up anytime. we have been standing outside of her apartment for hours hours. the two are back together. mother of 2 week old is reunited with her baby. he was under the care of child protective services in arizona after the father got into an argument with her tuesday and drove off with the boy triggering an amber alert. he is held in the arizona jail 5 following his arrest by mexican authorities by a port of entry crossing. the adduction was after a dispute. he wanted to move out of state, possibly the east coast and she wanted to stay put. they want him extradicted back to the bay area. >> reporter: his hearing is set for tomorrow. kron4news. >>> workersers hon
in our school district get full medical benefits. we don't. >> reporter: union members say that is just one of the reasons that teachers are jumping ship to go to other districts in the bay area. >> we've become uncompetitive or less competitive than surrounding districts, which means we get new teachers that start in our district. and then after a couple of years, they move on to san ramon or martinez. they will move to where they get better pay and medical benefits. so that has a very destabilizing effect on the district. >> six years, no raise. >> six years, no raise. >> $30 million reserve. >> reporter: the union says the district has plenty of money so it shouldn't be a problem to give the teachers what they're asking for. if that doesn't happen, a strike could happen as soon as this spring. i'm jeff bush in concord, kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight, the bay area comes together to honor and reflect on those affected by the ravaged philippines. and the east bay gets rocked by a series of earthquakes. find out where it's all happening. >> the fire that burned g;g&h2ñ around yos
to get their mission. i don't think we're looking at eliminating worker jobs at all. what we're looking at is modern needs modern -- modernizing. silicon valley is so close but so far away. >> reporter: they still need to vote on the tentative agreement and that will take place the week after next. the third smaller union also needs to vote on their contract offer which they are reviewing over the next several weeks. >>> the owners of a senior living facility in the east bay could still face charges of elder abuse. we get a first-hand account of what it was like to work at valley springs manner in castro valley. >> reporter: she set goals when she started working there. >> i wanted to make my baby heavy a wonderful birthday and christmas and i'm struggling. >> reporter: she worked for a little while when it closed. >> we're not licensed for that stuff but they went maybe three or four days without giving medicine. >> reporter: she said managers didn't seem to care there wasn't enough food to feed the clients. without much support, there was a lot of work to be done. >> family member
. caught on cell phone video taken by another student. we bleeped the name out of privacy. >> i heard i don't want you sitting next to me. the girl said that to them. then the other girl kept saying get out of here. i don't want you sitting next to me. she didn't give a good reason. she just said i don't want you sitting here. it got more serious and then the teacher came. mr. harris stopped them and the girl was sent out. yesterday i hear about the fight. >> reporter: why the girls picked on the transgender student. >> she didn't like the way they are. >> reporter: the student started the fight as a result of mounting frustration of being bullied. it was 3 girls on 1. >> i hope for the best. >> reporter: the students are sophomores and could face disciplinary action. they are looking into whether or not a hate crime was committed. >>> this little boy doesn't even know it, but he who is battling leukemia is going to get his wish coming drew. he will be bat kid tomorrow. what will he be doing to save san francisco and how the city will transform into gotham. >> reporter: extra extra, bat kid
and the employees going forward if you don't ratify it, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> reporter: they discovered they signed off on it but allowed 6 weeks of paid family medical leave. the district says they can't afford it. >> ifnone of you read it? >>? it is your responsibility. you are the stewards of the public pressure. any language that is inserted, deleted or highlighted or underlined, you didn't read it. >> reporter: the bart board did the next best thing, removed the paid family medical leave provision and approved the contract. >> it is afford able and sustainable. >> taking the responsibility of the contract or to vote it down and take the coward way out. >> any idea they have ignore the parts they don't like and keep the parts they do like is not legal. it is not part of the collective bargaining system, and we can't allow it to stand. >> reporter: it will send workers back out on troche. they strike. they are keeping their options open. dan kerman, oakland, kron4news. >>> a palo alto man detained in north korea. >>> up next a south bay charity robbed 4 times in 10 days. details nex
starting out at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. watch the high clouds come in through the north and west. they don't have rain, just blocking out the sunshine a little bit. a couple bands of high clouds. as this system goes by we'll get strong winds coming in out of the north for saturday night and into sunday. these winds could be between 30 and 40 mph, perhaps gusts as strong as 50. we'll have to watch this. there's a chance for perhaps more downed trees and power lines like last weekend. temperatures tomorrow will be down. low 70s for the south bay. 60s by the bay. 66 for castro valley. low venting, north bay. 50 and low 60s at the ocean. sunday looks sunny but it will be windy through the day, another windy day for monday and the winds subside, a bit warmer for tuesday and wednesday, and possibly rain by friday. >>> in sports, the linchpin, and what does a squirrel have in common with the nfl rookie of the week. the week. we'll find that [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered.
the game ended. >> i don't know if she was making a scene, but a fan noticed her. >> reporter: they were trying to talk her out of jumping when a man tried to catch her falling 45 feet. >> he very heroically tried to save her. >> we need information from people involved. security is our number one priority at the coliseum, and we will follow up with the individuals. their safety is their number one concern. >> reporter: both the good samaritan and woman were taken to the hospital. she is in critical condition. the good samaritan is expected to be okay. scott rates, kron4news. >> the most recent incident was at buffalo bills stadium when a man slid down a rail. a 49ers fan died on a walkway. july of 2011 a texas rangers fan reached for a baseball and fell 21 feet hitting the concrete. >>> videos like you see behind me are in areas throughout the country. one bay air man believes the crime trend has spread here. >> you can see it has gone down a lot. >> reporter: he is pointing out the contusion on his head where he was punched by a random stranger on the bus. >> next thing i know is wham
. >> yes, we can pass laws, but laws that don't effectively do anything are not laws i really want to pass. >> reporter: these new park hours will go into effect sometime next month. >>> voters found themselves a little lonely today. turnout on many measures was fairly low. officials expected about a 35% turnout today, more than the 23% from 4 years ago, but less than the 42% who voted in the 2011 san francisco mayor's race. but two measures were on the minds of bay area voters. in san francisco, propositions b and c to allow construction of the eight washington condominium project. you are looking at final numbers from the poll. voters have rejected it 62 to 38%. and they're objecting c. they are using the defor the to have the city revisit plans for the new warriors' arena along the waterfront. the final numbers will be posted later this week. the controversial measure c getting approve, requiring gun owners to report gun theft, lock up guns at home and get rid of magazines holding more than 10 rounds and gun dealers would have to keep logs of ammunition sales. tonight with all 54 repor
again or see him again. i was really scared. at this time, i'm not sure. i don't really have to think what was really going on. i'm really only worried about my son and thinking about him. i'm pretty sure he knows what he did and the actions that he took and that is -- there are going to be consequences to that. >> reporter: little henry will be spending the night in a mexican hospital and will be returned to the u.s. tomorrow, hopefully back in his mother's arms tomorrow night. >> new and disturbing information about the search for lynn spalding, the female patient whose body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. they admit that they made mistakes during the search for spalding. christine has details. >> the gravity of the situation is not lost on any of us. >> reporter: the sheriff went through the list of things that went wrong during the search for missing is a san francisco general patient lynn spalding. deputies got a report that a patient had wandered off. >> the physician said i came into the room to discharge her and she was already gone. the physician a
is still going on. we don't want people to forget there are people there being killed there everyday. >> reporter: back in 2006 they started honoring those and to protest the wars. now it is at 7,000. some want it to be a symbol of the cost of war. >> it is our job of citizens to make sure the professional soldier is called on for the right reasons and as the absolute last option. >> reporter: those who died were honored as well as those with physical or psychological injury. >> many have lost their lives by their own hand when they have come back from combat. >> reporter: they want to help with the services they need. many attending have been here since the crosses went up in 2006. it is an annual event for them on veteran's day and memorial day. >> reporter: it was cloudy and cooler today. we hit 70 in livermore, but that was it. 50s at the immediate coastline. even the chance of rain. we have the reason north of us. it is breaking apart and fizzling out south of us. it will sweep through the overnight hours. the best chance of rain coming up in a bit. >>> still to come, how a bay
communications, destruction is emerging in tacloban which experienced a 16-foot storm surge. >> i don't know anyone that hasn't lost a relative close to them. >> reporter: it is possible that as many as 10,000 people wer killed. survivors search for relatives. >> i got separated when the water started rising. >> i am heart broken. >> reporter: their only functioning hospital doesn't have room for more patients. others are streaming to the airport hoping for a flight or food. >> get international help to come here now. not tomorrow, now. this is really really bad, bad. worse than hell. >> reporter: the president said they will buildtemporary shelters. haiyan is expected to bring heavy brain to vietnam. >> a thousand people here are from the philippines. many are turning to prayer. >> reporter: there are only a few empty seats. they are full of thought and prayers. >> everybody is trying to send messages over facebook to pray hard. >> reporter: like many the congregation is filipino and have family and friends there. >> we can't really get through yet. >> i am nervous. i hope everything will
is responsible for opening fire on the victims after a fender- bender. >> i don't think he has to do any more than we believe he has done to demonstrate what he's capable of. >> reporter: the police chief says on sunday morning the victims were leave noting -- leaving a nightclub when they bumped into at car. then a woman in a red dress got out and started yelling at them. that's when one of the victims, the passenger, got out of the car to calm the woman down. then police say that green walked up with a gun and started shooting. critically injuring the driver and killing warren. >> there is no homicide that's not a tragic homicide. there's no homicide that doesn't occur with some degree of brutal. but this is a brutal homicide and this is an especially dangerous person and we need to get him into custody. >> reporter: police are looking for that woman in the red dress. and the chief tells me that green lives on the peninsula and may be driving a 2001 mercedes. again, if you see him, call 911. >> we continue our coverage now. jeff bush spoke to the coach of one of the victims tonight who say
it's putting a lot of pressure on him. i don't think that's good for anybody. >> reporter: finally there have been calls from groups such as the naacp for the government to open an investigation into the case. the district attorney's office said they have received a call from the fbi but declined to say what was discussed during the call or whether or not a federal investigation was forth coming. in the south bay, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> representatives of bart say they will consider legal action after the bart board approved everything in the new contract deal except for one provision, the family leave act. in a news conference today, union leaders said the board's actions were, quote, unprecedented and illegitimate. now the unions say they are exploring all options. >> this is something that has never happened before. so this is a brand-new territory for all of us. so we don't have a play book on it. we have to evaluate, do research and proceed from there. >> the bart board claims that the family medical leave clause was inadvertently included into the proposed contract
and then getting behind the wheel, especially patrons who don't feel drunk but are above the blood alcohol level to drive. >> we see accidents results from buzzed drivers. >> reporter: check points will be set up across the holidays. the san francisco police department is one of many law enforcement agencies in a period of maximum enforcement from now to new year's day. that means that officers are on the roads looking for intoxicated drivers from alcohol or prescription drugs. >> so many different alternatives. you can designate a sober driver to drive. you have muni and bart and taxi services. sergeant newman says to keep your distance from and report any drunk drivers immediately. just keep an eye out for signs of impairment. >> not only is it an infraction to drive with your lights off, it's reason for us to pull you over. but a sign that maybe you're not fully aware of your surroundings based on some type of impairment. >> reporter: across the nation, more than 700 people died in dui related crashes last year. even if you plan on having one drink, police say stay off the road. but enjoy you
and they will have patrol vehicles if people don't want to walk to their cars. >> i look down and my skirt is on fire, and i freak out. >>> thankful to be home, sasha fleischman, who is gender neutral speaks for the first time. he is brave but his resolve is more admire able. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: there are 2nd and 3rd degree burns from the november attack. after 3 surgeries it hurts to walk. sasha will have to wear compression leggings. a banner with get well messages covers the walls of their home. >> my parents would visit and bring a stack of cards this high. most of them were from total strangers. it was neat knowing there are people who care about you. >> reporter: the teen's confidence has not suffered. >> i will keep wearing a skirt. it is not something i will give up. >> reporter: they are trying to get back to normal and establishing a routine, which includes changing bandages. the 16-year-old told them he set sasha on fire because he was homophobic. >> it was a dumb thing. i think you should know better than to light someone's clothing on fire. you should realize it is not
is that the case of lopez happens on a daily basis in so many of our communities. you just don't hear about it. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, kron four news. >> it wasn't just san francisco. lopez' parents filed a federal lawsuit accusing the sheriff's deputy of reckless behavior over the past 18 years. they argued he should have recognized that their son was carrying a replica ak47. we'll continue to follow the story and the statewide response. you can get updates on your facebook and twitter pages. >>> a suspect getting away with renting. >>> we'll bring you the demonstrators taking to the streets demanding action from the former secretary of state. we hear their requests. >>> new at 11:00, a vigil for a wheelchair bound victim after being truck by a car. we'll hear more about that when we come back. forwards. >>> a candlelight vigil held for a disabled man killed crossing the street. the vigil was held and about 30 people showed up to sign a few kind words about him. the younger sister says it's been difficult for the family. >> it's tragic and it's absolutely beautiful the amo
. >> the sergeant says officers are also unaccustomed to getting calls to the suites. >> we don't get violent crimes at that hotel. >> a woman was suffering from multiple stab wounds. officers located her on the third floor of the hotel, but that's not the floor she was staying on. >> crime occurred in a room she had rented on the 9th floor of the hotel. >> it was registered in the woman's name yielded more evidence. >> we did locate a weapon. i'm not going to specify what kind of weapon, so i don't come compromise the investigation. >> identity of the victim is being withheld, but police are searching for a person who already knows her name. >> we believe that the suspect and the victim were acquaintances and we don't think this was a random act of violence. >> to get more information about what prompted such a brutal attack. they are waiting for the victim to recover. >> hopefully the victim will give us additional information so we can develop some system leads. >> woman is being treated for serious, but nonlife threatening stab wounds. she hasn't been able to physically speak to offi
. macy's, toys r us, and best buy also opened early and reactions were mixed. >> you don't get anything if you don't go early enough. i know a hot guy walked by and said that's pathetic. [ laughter ] i thought you don't know what we're doing it for. it's fun. >> i would never shop on thanksgiving. no. you're with family and you eat on thanksgiving. then you shop on the day after thanksgiving. >> reporter: the earlier store hours do seem to have paid off for many companies. >> i think the fact that 15,000 people versus 11,000 who were here last year at midnight is an indication that people want to be here when we opened our doors. >> reporter: as for next year, the new hours seem to have paved the way for the new black friday normal. >> while there was plenty of action going inside walmarts everywhere, there was also plenty going on outside too. this is from the san leandro walmart, just one of many walmart protests around the nation today. all part of a war on waging -- waging war on low wages. while walmart is the largest employer in america outside the federal government it has the m
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the agreement that they reached a month ago. all you got is buyers remorse, you bought it and now you don't want to keep it. there's no returning over here. you must stand by what you have done. >> at issue is a provision in the tenthive agreement allowing members to take six weeks of paid medical leave if someone is severely ill. they signed off on the provision during negotiations. >> it's signed by three agents for the district. >> now the bart district said signing off on the paid family leave provision was done in error. >> this was prepared in mid- july, signed in august, it appears on all the status reports that a tentative agreement. it was not a glitch. >> whatever the reason the bart board adjourned to a closed door session to discuss rejecting the agreement that the union approved. the fear is that could send the workers back on strike in the bart board issued this statement indicating they don't believe the chris dick -- district intended to approve that family leave. it's unclear if the union will return to the table. >>> tonight, the union have not had a lot of tile to react to the
calls before we respond to a cold burglary. >> we haven't slept in days. people live in fear. we don't have anywhere else to go. we just want to live normally. >> i checked with the lieutenant. he will hire an extra 110 officers. the best thing you can do is get to know your neighbors, community, and report anything out of the ordinary. >>> after being bitten and attacked just before 9:00 p.m., a man was walking his two dogs when two loose dogs bit them. >> he attacked outside my house. i sprayed him with the hose. >> i ran in a neighbor's house. >> one of the people bitten was taken to the hospital and one dog was killed. they are pit bull mixes. >>> the investigation is expanding into an east bay nursing home where more than a dozen patients were abandoned by the staff. >> reporter: what fers was the first thing you saw? >> pee on the floor. one person came in with drinking and bottles in her backyard. >> that was a former employee of the nursing home. she asked us not to reveal her identity. she said what she saw when she was on the job. she was there 4 days. that's all she could
licensing division does a lucy lousy job. >> they don't do cross checks with the department of health. you say yeah, no i have never owned a facility. >> reporter: it is time for the state to stop dragging its feet. background checks have to be conducted differently. dan kerman, kron4news. >>> members of the port of oakland voted for work stoppage set for wednesday. they are not part of a union. they want a rate increase and a congestion fee if they are stuck in line more than two hours. nothing has changed. truckers previously stopped work in october. they haven't said how long this stoppage will last. >>> black friday and just a few days away and many stores are opening on thanksgiving to give shoppers early opportunities. many of those shoppers got an early opportunity. >> can you believe it? they are starting to camp out at this best by. the tents set up, this is early. people are very dedicated coming out here 3 nights before black friday in the cold on the concrete camping out. let's look in a tent. you have all the essentials in these tents. they are taking shifts. they have to go
want you to be handsome. you . i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at kp.org and thrive. >> a shake-up at sf general hospital by the san francisco sheriff's department. three sheriff's deputies and a dispatcher have all been reassigned in the aftermath of the failed search for missing patient lynn spalding. the sheriff's hospital unit oversaw the search for spalding. she went missing september 21st and was found dead in a hospital stairwell 17 days later. all four will be replaced and three additional staff members will be assigned to the hospital to increase security there. the sheriff's department did not say whether any of the transfers were directly tied to the mistakes made during the search. >> there are still some deals to be had where you go on route where there's a lot of competition. >> we will show you why you shouldn't worry while planning a family get-awa
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